Any time you build a house you are going to have challenges along the way

I think that any time you build a house you are going to have challenges along the way.  It is hard to make anyone 100% satisfied in every area of the build.  What is important is if there is honest dialogue along the way that looks for a remedy to the problems ahead.  We have not closed on our home as of yet, but Turnberry is building us a fantastic home.  We are 90% of the completed and they have been honest at every crossroads.Turnberry is running a business, and therefore; keep track of the costs!  They in no way have tried to cut corners and owned the things that needed to be addressed.  That is the same that any other builder would do!.  But when you sit down with Ursula, Sears, Terri, Cameron or any of the rest of the crew there....they will respond!  We trusted them to build our home in Witherspoon after I walked around the neighborhood asking current homeowners specifics about the process.   This is the sixth home we have built and nothing has compared in quality, responsiveness or conceptually!  They have done their best to reach our satisfaction!  It is really easy to point fingers, it is much more difficult to look for the good in a tough building process.  If you would like to know more about our experience with Turnberry, contact their office and they will have our contact information!