The home you keep is a direct reflection of your outlook. A new year offers the ideal opportunity for a fresh start — so why not reinvigorate your perspective? 

These 10 simple ideas can help you create a more functional, decluttered living space. Read on to master the interior decor themes that matter most: functionality, aesthetic, and boundless joie de vivre. 

1. Create a Landing Zone

Want to cut stress from your routine? Set up a designated staging area for your keys, mail, and other items that tend to clutter up your home. 

Drop zones do more than just help you keep essentials organized and easy to find on your way out the door. They also make every homecoming a joy by maintaining calm and order.

2. Use Vertical Space

Shelves and hanging organizers let you maximize available storage space. Going vertical is a critical strategy in semi-custom luxury homes with open floor plans that make it all too easy to take ample storage for granted. Closet and pantry systems that enforce good habits prevent messes from spilling out into habitable spaces, so start early!

3. Streamline Your Closet

This one can be tough, but it’s worth it in the long run. Go through your closet, identifying the items you’re not particularly attached to. When you discover apparel, unused gadgets, and impulse buys you neither use nor plan on using, be ruthlessly decisive: These items ought to be donated, gifted, or sold. 

If this thought is too much to bear, then at least consider a reshuffle: Invest in hangers and organizers that let you keep your faves out in front for easier access. This is also a great way to leave yourself nice little surprises later!

4. Rethink Your Pantry

Pantries tend to defy our attempts at organization. Interior decor professionals say these multifunctional spaces serve as everything from prep zones to spare storage — which doesn’t always lend itself to an orderly kitchen!

Simplify your life by reassessing what goes in your pantry and the items you’ll need to make your routine more convenient. Whether this means adding adjustable shelving to be prepared for big sales, installing counters for toasters and small appliances, or finally finding a spot for that mini wine rack you’ve been building, your pantry should support your uniquely busy lifestyle.

5. Label Your Storage

This is an easy tip with a huge impact. Labeling your existing storage makes it more functional, meaning you’ll spend less time searching, rummaging, and causing minor messes along the way. 

Remember: Labels can be as classy as you make them. Create your own custom labels using scrapbooking tools to get the whole family involved and honor your preferred color scheme — or use AirTags to make containers instantly findable without upsetting your sense of style.

6. Create Designated Spaces for Specific Items

It’s good to be flexible — but there’s also a lot to be said for setting rules, especially if you have kids. Deciding where different items belong and sticking to your choices promotes frustration-free accessibility. If you live in a luxury home, this tip goes hand-in-hand with labeling your storage.

7. Decide on a Cleaning Schedule

Whether you prefer cleaning yourself or rely on professional help, setting up a schedule works wonders. Designating daily, weekly, and monthly tasks makes the job less overwhelming. Remember — it’s easier to stay stress-free when you know you’re making progress on your terms instead of simply chasing after the latest mess.

8. Start With a Deep Clean

Kicking off your organizational quest with a top-to-bottom clean makes the process far more satisfying. Eliminating dust, dirt, and grime first ensures you aren’t just tracking the same messes around as you go.

9. Keep Similar Items Together

Logical organization strategies enhance the utility of smaller spaces like bathrooms and pantries. Prioritize accessibility, but go with what makes sense: grouping items by purpose, size, color, or some other common characteristic to make them more findable later.

10. Talk to an Interior Decorator

Don’t be too shy to chat with a professional interior decorator about how to maximize your use of space. Obtaining a fresh outside perspective can recharge you with a sense of purpose that makes it easier to settle into workable, functional organization habits. 

Get More Cleaning Tips for Your Luxury Home

Although the new year is a natural opportunity to think about reorganizing, you can get started any time. With a bit of self-motivation and these tips, it’s simple to upgrade your surroundings to foster positivity. 

Want to make your luxury home more accommodating? Start by talking to a Turnberry Homes interior design specialist.