You want something more from the luxury homes in Nashville — and you don’t do “low-key.” Everything in your life deserves pomp, no matter how mundane the circumstance. Why should coming home feel any less exciting than stepping out at your next big party?


Building your home around a grand entrance is the obvious choice. Statement foyers and impressive staircases boost a property’s value and aesthetic appeal. They can also reinvigorate your mindset. Here are some pointers from the Turnberry team on how to get the most from your interiors.


  • Defining Statement Foyers

What distinguishes a statement foyer from an ordinary entrance? These key elements decide which homes make the cut:


  • Larger-than-life Impact

Most statement foyers are big and impressive. This reflects their dual nature. Not only are they entryways, but they’re also staging zones, reception areas, and convenient spots to mingle. Naturally, you don’t want to feel cramped.


  • Iconic Architecture

Statement foyers shouldn’t be carbon copies — they’re declarations of your style, whatever it may entail. Some classic examples include the Entrance Hall at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation or the foyer at Elvis’ Graceland. There’s nothing wrong with massive staircases or chandeliers, but you should pick something that complements your personality.


  • Smart Design

A foyer isn’t just a space — even more than the kitchen, it’s the heart and soul of everything that happens in your home. Form should follow function, so be sure your elegant home designer can build a foyer that fits your daily routine.


Be exacting when it comes to reviewing floorplans. Ask for examples, and don’t forget that some of the most useful foyer designs include exterior elements, like covered entryways and statement lighting. The more time you put into composition and planning early on, the more functional your foyer will be.


  • Designing Impressive Staircases

Earlier we mentioned that huge staircases don’t always have to figure into great foyers — but, honestly, there’s no better place for them. Curving, spiraling, and sweeping staircases draw the eye and direct people’s attention, making them a natural match for an orderly interior design.


What might fit your space? Here are some ideas:


    • Grand spiral staircases are a captivating blend of mathematically inspired art and function. They can elevate any space with their eye-catching helical design and invite exploration.
    • Glass-enclosed floating staircases create a visually stunning effect. By letting natural light flood the area, they set an airy tone while providing a seamless, contemporary look. If you love all things modern, this is a great choice.
    • Traditional straight-run staircases are timeless and refined. Their clean lines embody elegance, and they’re easy to customize. For instance, you can pick intricate wrought iron balustrades or polished wooden banisters to exude luxury that suits any style.
  • Curved double staircases offer that iconic classic look. Traditionally combined with balconies, chandelier lighting, and tall exterior windows, they let you survey your property —or party guests — from on high.


Feel stuck between all the options? It can be hard to make the final choice, but here’s a pointer: Consider what you ultimately want your foyer to include. For instance, a grand piano, sculpture piece, or grandfather clock might work better with a floating staircase — the extra free space below could make a perfect nook. If you prefer a smaller, high-functioning foyer, then the straight-run choice might prove the most efficient.


  • Call Turnberry for Luxury Homes in Nashville

Whether you’re building your first home or looking for a new investment property, you’ll benefit from seasoned guidance. Turnberry’s 30-year history of experience makes it easy to design a home that strikes the optimal blend of elegance and functionality.


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