Did you know that newly built homes are about 20% more energy efficient than homes built ten years ago? One of the most influential factors in deciding whether to build your own home or purchase an older home, energy efficiency and more luxury, high-end amenities can sway your decision. As with any major purchase, homebuyers can often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices, costs and more when it comes to new construction.

However, when you partner with a high-end, semi-custom contractor, you can sit back and relax for the majority of your build timeline. Turnberry Homes has a team of talented, reliable, elegant designers ready to work with and for you.

The homes in a luxury designed community typically offer amenities that you and your family can enjoy outside of your new dream home. These can often include dedicated green space, dog parks, club houses, pools, along with various homeowner activities or events to build a sense of community within the neighborhood.

Here’s how to design your home with an elegant home designer:

  • More Buying Power & Connections
  • Design Plan Insight
  • Budget Friendly Materials
  • Turnberry Homes

More Buying Power & Connections

Over the years, custom home builders have developed solid, reliable relationships with local suppliers who offer lower rates on bulk building materials, fixtures, and more. Similarly, they have a procured list of reliable subcontractors that they can connect with and manage to finish up your home build project.

With a high-end, semi-custom contractor, you won’t have to worry about sourcing or purchasing materials or subcontractors services. These luxury designers will be able to purchase your build materials in large quantities at some of the best prices and discounts on the market. With that in mind, subcontractors also tend to prefer to work with experienced home builders who they already have reputable relationships with.

A solo homeowner may find it difficult to find a reliable subcontractor as there are many options, and many homeowners lack the skills to choose the right company. If you entrust your homebuilding project to a custom home builder, your home will be built by subcontractors who have the expertise and skills to meet your deadlines and complete the project within your budget.

Design Plan Insight

You may find it intimidating to tackle the task of building your forever home, especially if you’re looking for high-end amenities or a luxury vibe. Choosing materials that are stylish, trendy and comfortable without breaking the bank is likely important to you as well. The services of a high-end contractor allow you to pick from a wide range of semi-custom options.

Turnberry Homes offers all clients the ability to pick and choose from customized luxury plans based on their unique wants and familial needs. With the design plan insight you might not have as an average home buyer, a custom home contractor can provide you with resources, skills and information you need to complete your project.

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Budget Friendly Materials

Building a house can take anything from six months to several years. When you’re looking for high-end new construction on your own, you’re bound to get caught up in the timelines of various unreliable subcontractors, deal with unprecedented downtime and much more. To avoid build issues and mitigate downtime, working with a high-end designer who is highly skilled and sophisticated can save you time and money.

Eliminating the step that comes with finding and purchasing a suitable plot of land, Turnberry Homes includes the price of land in potential client estimates. A portion of the build process that can eat up a lot of your timeline, eliminating this step can also help you save money. With the help of high-end home builders, you will have the ability to build where you want, with the materials you need, all at a lower cost and more efficient timeline process.

Turnberry Homes, Luxury Homes in Nashville, TN

It’s likely that the little details will be very important to you when building your forever home. Even if you choose a semi-custom builder who offers luxury, elegant home designs, you will still have customized options available to you. At Turnberry Homes, our elegant home designers and builders will work with you in order to create a home that fulfills your vision.

Whether you’re looking for the privacy of a wooded homesite, the sociability of a swimming pool and other amenities, or the wide-open space of an estate-sized lot, Turnberry Homes has the home you’re looking for in Williamson and Southern Davidson Counties.

Turnberry Homes understands the unique features that lead homebuyers to search not for a house, but for a place they can call their home. That is the Turnberry difference.

Turnberry is a Semi-Custom Builder with elegant designer home options that are included in the original price of your future home!

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