Did you know that in the past year, custom and semi-custom homes accounted for 20% of all homes built that year? If you are considering building your own home, you could begin to feel overwhelmed at the thought of costs, decisions, and time required to plan out everything you need.

Building your own home often means this might be your forever home or dream house. With that in mind, you’ll likely want everything to be perfect. When choosing a builder for your home project, semi-custom builders are a great choice for those looking to have some sense of control without all the extra costs and time limitations.

If you’re unsure if a semi-custom builder is right for your home needs, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here at Turnberry Homes, we compiled a list of the top benefits to working with a semi-custom builder for your dream home.

Here are the top benefits to a semi-custom builder:

  • Designs Fit for Your Family
  • Save on Costs and Time
  • Incorporate Your Unique Style
  • Enjoy the Community of Semi-Custom Neighborhoods

Designs Fit for Your Family

When it comes to building your forever home, you want to have the ability to make choices that won’t break the bank. When you decide to go with a semi-custom home builder, you can choose from a wide library of designs and make specific changes to the layout to more closely fit your family’s needs.

Once you’ve selected a design, your family can customize materials, finishes and colors used in the building of your dream home. Semi-custom home builders often offer a large variety of items and styles to choose from that are on trend, high quality, and generally energy efficient. A semi-custom builder will have a design team who can help you create the home you envision with their resources.

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Save on Costs and Time

Typically, building a home from scratch can take anywhere from 6 months to multiple years. Like most people, you’re not going to want to wait that long to get your family into their new home. When you build with a semi-custom designer, you can cut that time in half while saving on regular home building costs.

When selecting your semi-custom home designs, the land is included in the price, eliminating the process of purchasing a lot for your home that can take up a lot of time and budget. Your semi-custom home will not only be constructed much faster, but your builders will have the ability to buy materials in bulk which allows for lower costs for you.

Incorporate Your Unique Style

If you’re worried about the actual customizability of your home when you opt for a semi-custom builder, there’s no need to worry. Depending on the builder you go with, their design team can likely work with you to ensure that your vision for your new home becomes a reality.

In most semi-custom build spaces, you will have the ability to select special features that could include different flooring options, various light and appliance fixtures, as well as countertop materials and paint colors. Semi-custom builders can ensure that your unique style is incorporated into their design plans. These custom homes can work with you and for you to best suit your family lifestyle needs.

Enjoy the Community of Semi-Custom Neighborhoods

When you opt to work with a semi-custom builder, you’re likely going to be moving into a defined housing community. These semi-custom neighborhoods can provide a lot of benefits to families of any age range or demographic.

Semi-custom communities typically offer amenities that you and your family can enjoy outside of your new dream home. These can often include dedicated green space, dog parks, club houses, pools, along with various homeowner activities or events to build a sense of community within the neighborhood. Along with getting your forever home— built with your family in mind, you can enjoy a sense of community that you won’t really get anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for the privacy of a wooded homesite, the sociability of a swimming pool and other amenities, or the wide-open space of an estate-sized lot, Turnberry Homes has the home you’re looking for in Williamson and Southern Davidson Counties.

Turnberry Homes understands the unique features that lead homebuyers to search not for a house, but for a place they can call their home. That is the Turnberry difference. Turnberry is a Semi-Custom Builder. Our customers choose the Luxury plan that best fits their family and they customize it with our design team to make it the perfect match. Our team modifies all aspects of the home to make it their personal dream home. Connect with our team today!