How to Create Your List of Wants & Needs

Before you begin your dream home build project, you’ll want to figure out your list of home wants and needs. Make a list of your future goals in order to determine what you need and want. Prior to making your goals list, you may need to have important conversations with your family. Questions such as the following, can help you determine what types of home configurations will work best for you.

Think about questions such as:

  • Are we planning to have children or get a pet?
  • Do our children plan to move out soon?
  • Are we planning to invite a senior relative to come live with us in the next few years?

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to determine what features your house needs in order to help you meet your unique family goals. The goals you have for your home will help you decide how many rooms it needs, how much space you require indoors and outdoors, and where you may want to be located. Oftentimes, a list of wants and needs will naturally come out of these conversations.

New House Needs Could Include the Following:

  • Price Range Needs
  • Amount of Necessary Square Footage
  • How Many Bedrooms
  • How Many Bathrooms
  • How Many Home Levels
  • Backyard Requirements
  • Fenced In
  • No Fence
  • Parking options
  • Garage
  • Parking Spaces
  • School Districts Boundaries
  • Commute Times
  • Resale Value

New House Wants Could Include the Following:

  • Flooring Materials
    • Carpet
    • Hardwood: variety of stain & grain options
  • Outdoor Spaces
    • Pool Options
    • Hot Tub
    • Garden Area
    • Firepit
  • Indoor Fireplace
  • Specific Architectural Influences
  • Skylights & Other Window Types
  • Types of Kitchen Amenities
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Closet Size
  • Extra, Bonus Room
  • Established Neighborhood Community
  • Secluded Neighborhood Options
  • Surrounding Location Wants
    • Walking distance to school
    • Walking distance to shops & restaurants
    • Spacious, Beautiful Views

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Identify Your Style

After you’ve made your lists of new home wants and needs, you can better begin to identify your home style! Every home is different, and finding the right style for your dream designs can be tricky to figure out on your own. However, with the help of a semi-custom builder, you can come up with the right, pragmatic solutions tailored to your choices and your personal style.

When it comes to designing or remodeling your home, you’re going to want to incorporate the right materials and style influences that reflect you and your needs. There are so many ways to figure out your unique style and a semi-custom builder can help you blend those ideas into pragmatic design solutions.

With a staggering variety of home styles on the market, you’ll want to identify what type of style influences, material types, and finishes you’ll want your home to incorporate. Maybe you would enjoy bright tones within your home to reflect your colorful taste, or you might opt to incorporate classical influences with neutral colors and light stained materials to enhance your architectural choices. Whatever style you choose, you will want your home to reflect your unique taste and family needs.

Some home styles include:

Craftsman Style

Craftsman style homes are a great choice for anyone who wants a much more contemporary look to their architecture. This architectural style is characterized by low ceilings, multi-paned windows, and tapered columns. It is usually painted in earth tone colors such as grey and dark green. Stone and wood are also common materials used to construct this style of home.

Mission Revival Style

Mission revival is another popular home style. This style of architecture comprises low-pitched roofs with clay tiles, large adobe walls, and various shades of white. The Modern Revival Style is generally complimented by a large outdoor living space with a pool.

With luxury, dream home plans, there is no need to purchase a land parcel separately, thereby eliminating the hassle and expense of purchasing land on your own. Similarly, since your builders can buy bulk materials, a semi-custom home will also cost lessin the long run, getting you your dream home much faster.

Enjoy Semi-Custom Neighborhoods with Turnberry Homes

Working with a semi-custom builder typically means moving into a defined neighborhood. Communities that offer semi-custom homes typically offer amenities outside of your home that your family can enjoy. These can often include dedicated green space, dog parks, club houses, pools, along with various homeowner activities or events to build a sense of community within the neighborhood.

Along with getting your new home, you can enjoy a sense of community that you won’t really get anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for the privacy of a wooded homesite, the sociability of a swimming pool and other amenities, or the wide-open space of an estate-sized lot, Turnberry Homes has the home you’re looking for in Williamson and Southern Davidson Counties.

Turnberry Homes understands the unique features that lead homebuyers to search not for a house, but for a place they can call their home. That is the Turnberry difference. Turnberry is a Semi-Custom Builder.

Our customers choose the Luxury plan that best fits their family and they customize it with our design team to make it the perfect match. Our team modifies all aspects of the home to make it their personal dream home.

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