Elegant home designers know the master bedroom is among the crowning achievements of any floorplan. It’s also one of the trickiest. Although most people agree they know luxury when they see it, the bedroom’s intimate, personal nature means that no two projects are alike.


In other words, there’s no universal rule for bedroom design success. So how can you tailor your luxury master bedroom to your specific style? Consider these features to keep your interior welcoming and accommodating.

  1. A Spacious Layout and High Ceilings

After a hard day, all you want is to fall into bed. Having to navigate around furniture and belongings is the last thing you need in your life. Good interior designers use generous, spacious layouts to keep this from being a problem.


But you need to think about more than just the areas beside your bed. What’s above your head matters too! High ceilings do more than just keep your nighttime rest from feeling constricted and claustrophobic. They give the room ample volume to breathe, allowing air to circulate freely so that you wake up refreshed.

  1. A Luxurious Bed and Bedding

This one goes without saying. Your bed and bedding can make or break the whole bedroom.


Everyone has their opinions on what makes a quality sleeping environment. You need to invest in something that fits your — and your partner’s — specific tastes. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an uncomfortable experience and buyer’s remorse. Never neglect the functional elements, like premium mattresses and sheets, but also, consider add-ons like aesthetic headboards and under-bed storage.

  1. Natural Light and Views

If you really want to enjoy your premium property, build a luxury bedroom with a good view. Nothing feels as rewarding as energizing yourself by surveying your surroundings first thing every morning.


Then there are the deeper-seated benefits, like improved safety and health. When you wake up all bleary-eyed, natural lighting can mean the difference between a stubbed toe and starting the day off on the right foot. Favoring natural lighting can also enhance your ability to stick to a regular sleep cycle — why not get your Circadian rhythms on track?


  1. High-Quality Flooring and Finishes

Tragically, many luxury homeowners overlook their bedroom flooring. News flash: Not just any old carpet or flooring system will do when it comes to your sleeping space!

High-end flooring can increase your daily bedroom experience by boosting your comfort. For instance, luxury builders often use different types of underlayment membranes beneath stone and wood to enhance the natural qualities of these materials. Your chosen combination can help keep your bedroom flooring at a consistent temperature and offer a softer feel. Be sure to talk to your builder about which materials might suit you best, particularly if you face joint or mobility issues.

  1. Semi-customizable Options

As we mentioned at the top, every homeowner has different needs. Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Shouldn’t it accommodate your tastes as much as possible?

You deserve a bedroom that complements your daily routine to a tee. Whether this means extra space for a vanity, additional closet access, bedside outlets, or even statement chandeliers and layered LED accent lighting, this is the one space where you shouldn’t hold back. Let your inner designer shine and express yourself.

  1. Find the Right Designer at Turnberry Homes

There’s one thing we still haven’t mentioned — and no, it’s not color choice, although that’s also important.


What’s the secret to creating a luxury bedroom that satisfies? It’s all about choosing the best designers and builders.

The Turnberry Homes team makes it effortless to stay in complete control as you go from high-end concept to stunning reality. Discover how to live an epic lifestyle by reaching out today or checking out our latest decor pointers.