With 22 million people living in manufactured, semi-custom or custom homes, if you’re considering building your own home, a semi-custom build might work for you. From planning and managing your budget to working with a variety of subcontractors, building your dream home without the help of a semi-custom contractor can be difficult.

When deciding the direction you want to go for your home, having a better understanding of what a semi-custom design can offer you can help you with the decision making process. Choosing a semi-custom builder for your home project is a great choice for those looking to have some sense of control without all the extra costs and time limitations.

Here’s what you need to know about semi-custom homes:

  • Semi-Custom Homes
  • Mitigate Build Downtime
  • Customizable Options
  • Semi-Custom Neighborhoods & Amenities

Semi-Custom Homes

Often, semi-custom homes combine the best of both worlds for homebuyers. Semi-custom home construction is an easier option for many home buyers because it offers the convenience of buying a ready-to-move-in home, a plethora of customizable options, all without the complexity of designing a property from scratch.

At the start of a semi-custom home build, a contractor will be able to provide a potential buyer with a library of their custom designs. In this outline, they will likely have a list of eco-friendly material options, layout choices and potentially a backlog of subcontractors to choose from. From these proposed design plans, clients can select the floor plan that will work best for them, as well as pick out colors, finishes and more to suit their design wants and needs.

If you have a clear vision for your new home but aren’t interested in spending the time and money needed to fully customize it, a semi-custom home might be perfect for you. With these home builds you can eliminate a lot of tedious, overwhelming choices such as finding the right subcontractors on your own or picking from a list of thousands of floor finishes. Semi-custom contractors can help to cut down on a lot of the stress that can come about during the custom home process.

Mitigate Build Downtime

From start to finish, constructing a home usually takes anywhere from six months to many years. When it comes to moving into your new home, most families do not want to wait that long. The time it takes you to build a home can be reduced by half when you hire a semi-custom design firm. A semi-custom home includes the land within the price, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money on purchasing a lot. Furthermore, with a semi-custom home, not only will your builder be able to buy materials in bulk for you, but you will also be able to lower your costs.

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Customizable Options

When you choose a semi-custom builder, you need not worry about your home looking like everyone else’s on the block. As with most semi-custom homes, the majority of the non-customizable options will deal with the pre-designed floor plans. Otherwise, you will have the ability to select special features that are unique to your style.

These can include different flooring finish options, light and appliance fixture styles, appliance finishes, as well as countertop materials or even paint colors. Semi-custom builders can ensure that your unique style is incorporated into their pre-designed floor plans. A semi-custom home can work with you and for you to best suit your family lifestyle needs at a much cheaper price and faster timeline.

Semi-Custom Neighborhoods & Amenities

When you opt to work with a semi-custom builder, you’re likely going to be moving into a defined housing community. These semi-custom communities typically offer amenities such as a dedicated green space, dog parks, club houses, pools, along with various homeowner activities or events to build a sense of community within the neighborhood.

Whether you’re looking for the privacy of a wooded homesite, the sociability of a swimming pool and other amenities, or the wide-open space of an estate-sized lot, Turnberry Homes has the home you’re looking for in Williamson and Southern Davidson Counties.

Turnberry Homes understands the unique features that lead homebuyers to search not for a house, but for a place they can call their home. That is the Turnberry difference. Turnberry is a Semi-Custom Builder. Our customers choose the Luxury plan that best fits their family and they customize it with our design team to make it the perfect match. Our team modifies all aspects of the home to make it their personal dream home.

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