It’s been quite a journey, but you’ve found a premier builder, and your heart is set: you’re ready to build your ideal house. The only problem is that the universe doesn’t seem to have gotten the message, leaving you wondering — is now really the best time?

Deciding when to build can be a tricky topic. While there are seemingly infinite considerations, we’ll cover three of the biggest: weather, costs, and planning. Here’s how to know when you should break ground.


The time of year you pick for your home project matters — even if you’re counting on a reputable builder to do the heavy lifting!

Traditionally, spring’s favorable weather made for the best building conditions, but forecasting and construction technologies have progressed by leaps and bounds since the old days. Modern builders can now anticipate storms and other conditions with greater accuracy, allowing them to work year-round.

Builders are also better at logistics — it’s easier to plan around challenges like frozen ground, seasonal storm runoff, and other realities of working with the weather. With that said, your builders will most likely prefer working in the most temperate climates — spring and fall — but you shouldn’t feel obligated to delay if you want to get started earlier.


Despite monumental advancements in homebuilding, some things never change. Cost fluctuations are a prime example.

It’s no secret that homebuilding costs fluctuate with the seasons. For instance, it may be harder to find skilled labor during high-demand periods like spring — a good reason to work with a premier builder that handles everything for you! Building material costs can also vary widely within a calendar year.

So how can you identify the most affordable season for your project? Chatting with a specialist is the smartest way to control costs. There’s no universal rule dictating construction material price trends — from regional availability to global markets and interest rates, there are simply too many factors for an easy answer. If you want to stay ahead, it’s worth talking with a builder that keeps their finger on the pulse.

Remember: the sooner you start the conversation the better. Even if you’re unable to find your first-choice material within a reasonable budget, your designer can help you explore alternatives to realize the intended style, functionality, and effect.

Planning Considerations

Thorough planning is integral to a successful, satisfying construction project. Although any time of year is workable as long as you think ahead, the complexities of some builds tend to necessitate more logistical preparation. For instance, if you’re considering breaking ground or building during hurricane or blizzard season, you’ll want contingency plans in place.

Demand is also a vital consideration. Your luxury home builder may be more heavily booked at certain times of the year — even though your home project deserves their full attention.

What’s the answer? Short of buying a crystal ball to tell you when your builder will have optimal availability, the best solution is to make contact and ask directly. Even if your project is many months away from starting, you’ll be better off for having prepared — and for keeping your builder in the loop!

Are You Ready to Build a Semi-Custom Luxury Home in Nashville?

Building a luxury home is a mighty undertaking no matter when you start. The key thing to bear in mind is that this is a cooperative effort. Like all team projects, luxury home building works better when you get everyone on the same page from the onset.

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