Do you consider yourself more of a trend-follower or a trend-setter?

Either way, if you are wary of incorporating the latest home trends into your luxury floor plan fearing that 1) you won’t be showcasing your individuality or 2) the trends will go out-of-style, allow us to ease your fears!

We get it: The word “trend” automatically lends itself to scrutiny. But we promise you that the four trends we are about to present for consideration in your luxury floor plan will neither detract from your unique tastes nor be going out-of-style anytime soon!

  1. Kitchen Luxuries
  2. Walk-In Shower, Free-Standing Tub, and More
  3. High Ceilings
  4. Mudroom

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Kitchen Luxuries

According to Newsweek, the average American spends more than an hour in their kitchen every day. Regardless of whether you spend hours cooking for yourself and your loved ones, or you only prefer to use the kitchen when you are hosting guests, there are several kitchen luxuries you will want to consider for your semi-custom home build.

While dating back to a design by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the open kitchen is still a jaw-dropping fixture of modern homes that shows no signs of fizzling out. By blending together the kitchen, living, and dining areas, the head-of-the-house can stay connected with family or friends while they prepare a meal (or cocktails).

A natural extension of the open kitchen is the kitchen island, which is a game-changer for the in-home chef or baking enthusiast with the extra counter space it provides. And if you really want to up the ante and make a statement with your kitchen, consider marble countertops, floating shelves, a farmhouse sink, or a tile backsplash.

Walk-In Shower, Free-Standing Tub, and More

Spacious bathrooms are in high-demand, and for one simple reason: Bigger bathrooms mean more room for luxury and practicality. 

One increasingly popular trend is how homeowners are choosing master bathroom plans that include both a free-standing tub and walk-in shower. Some are even trading the square footage that would have featured garden and jacuzzi tubs to make room for the bigger and better shower experience!

A few other bathroom trends that you will quickly grow accustomed to – and never turn back! – include double vanities, a separate toilet room, and more storage space.  

High Ceilings

A timeless home trend that immediately communicates style and class? The high ceiling. It not only pulls the eyes upward but also contributes to the living space’s overall aesthetic. Whether you want to draw attention to the fireplace, the exposed wooden beams, or a chandelier, the high ceiling gets the job done.

Vaulted ceilings create a triangular shape and are self-supported because they extend from the side walls. The high ceiling is associated with Gothic and Roman architecture and has been used for centuries in both traditional and modern spaces. Conventional ceilings can also be made into high ceilings and achieve the same goal. While most homes feature at least 9-foot ceilings, more luxury homes are opting for grand ceilings in the entryway and living area and 10- or 12-foot ceilings in bedrooms.


From children and pets running in-and-outdoors to messy work boots, there are so many reasons to consider incorporating a mudroom in your floor plan! Mudrooms are often built as the “catch-all room” for shoes, wet clothes, sports equipment, and – of course – mud when entering the home from the garage or side door.

The concept of the mudroom seems to have its origins in 1950s homes, but it really gained popularity in the 1980s when high-end homes prioritized the space as more than an entryway. As more and more homeowners learned of mudrooms’ lavish offerings, they began renovating and adding this space to their well-established homes – to the tune of $25,000 and up. The lesson? Don’t leave the mudroom out of your semi-custom floor plan, of course!

Today’s mudroom trends include sitting benches for removing shoes, hooks for coats and cubbies for extra storage, and even mini-showers and sinks for quick cleanup.

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