According to the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, the demand for new homes in the U.S. has outpaced the building industry, “leaving a significant shortage of new homes entering the market.” Rather than wading into bidding wars in Nashville, many aspiring homeowners are choosing to build instead.

At Turnberry Homes, we could not agree more! Building the home of your dreams gives you more choices that will leave you satisfied with your purchase for years to come. As a semi-custom builder, we think it is helpful for home buyers to know the advantages of building a semi-custom home over a fully-custom home. 

Because, in the end, the effort it takes to build the home you want – and in the timespan you want it – can make all the difference! Here are the main factors to consider when choosing between building a luxury fully-custom or a semi-custom home: 

  1. Property 
  2. Floor Plans
  3. Custom Details
  4. Build Time
  5. The Builder

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Before building a custom home, you will need to purchase the land where you want to build, and you need to find a builder. If you already own the land, it will still require some site preparation, including the necessary local permits and approvals, arrangements for water, utilities, and septic, etc. 

In the case of a semi-custom home, a builder has already purchased land in a variety of locations ranging from private lots to sought-after neighborhoods; plus, the lot will already be prepped, staked, and approved for construction. At the same time, if you do have property you would like to build on, you always have the option to build a semi-custom home floor plan. 

Floor Plans

For a fully-custom home, you first will need to hire an architect and a home builder to create your floor plan. You can provide your own sketches and discuss everything you want, from the square footage to one-of-a-kind design features. After the plans are drawn and you’ve signed your approval, a licensed engineer will then need to approve the floor plan as structurally sound. Understandably, this process takes time, patience, and a flexible budget. 

Semi-custom floor plans, on the other hand, are already drawn up, approved, and on-the-books for you to choose from. Think of it as new construction that is waiting for you to say, “I can see myself living here.” Luxury floor plans also include grand and open spaces, large and beautiful windows for lots of natural light, and thoughtful uses of space like luxurious master suites and oversized closets. 

Custom Details 

Building a home that is fully-custom means, well, making every decision! Don’t be surprised when the builder or architect asks questions – and lots of them – about specifications, alterations, materials, finishes, colors, trim, etc. 

While “customizing” a semi-custom home does not mean you can change the structural elements of the floor plan, it does mean you have plenty of room to customize your other preferences! Think about all the selections you can make about: flooring finishes, light fixtures, high-end appliances, countertop materials, paint colors, and more. And, it is still considered a luxury project; your home’s style will be entirely unique to you.  

Build Time

On average, a custom home build will take anywhere from six months to a year or more, from start to finish. And that doesn’t include the prior planning stages we mentioned earlier with your builder and architect!

Hiring a semi-custom builder and design firm, however, can cut your building time in half. This is because the land is (likely) ready to break ground, the floor plan is solidified, and customization will be on the tail-end of the build. 

The Builder

Turnberry Homes prides ourselves in being as close to a custom home builder as you can get. Trusting us with your home means choosing the luxury plan that best fits your family, customizing it with our interior design team, and watching the exceptional design and craftsmanship become your home! 

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