Spring cleaning isn’t just about showing up and making the most minimal effort — even if that does usually impress houseguests. Spring cleaning can do wonders for your mental state — when you’ve spent time building a home you love, it feels amazing to see everything in flawless form.

Your cleaning task list will depend on your home’s style and how messy it is when you start. No matter what kind of house you keep, you should break things down into two main areas: your interiors and your exteriors.

Interior Cleaning Tips for More Refreshing Home Makeovers

Interior cleaning can help homes last longer. Here are a few examples of how:

  • Got kids who love tracking in dirt or pets that don’t like getting their toenails clipped? Keeping your walls and flooring clean makes it easier to spot property damage and correct the problem.
  • Considering moving someday? Cleaning surfaces reduces the odds that you’ll have to do costly major overhauls later.
  • Even homes of the highest quality will show their age after a while. Cleaning yours helps it maintain that youthful look you originally fell in love with.


Now that you’ve got the benefits firmly in mind, you can forge ahead with clear goals:

Draw up a Plan

Do you want less clutter in your sunroom? Are you tired of your foyer’s perpetual state of disarray?

Write down the areas you need to clean. Prioritize them by importance, being mindful of the fact that doing things in a certain order may be easier. For instance, if you’re deep cleaning carpets, you’ll want to think ahead to avoid tracking messes through spots you’ve already done.

Get your family involved by sharing the list via your personal devices. Splitting the work up will make it go faster. Try using an app like Trello or your favorite to-do list to keep everyone on task.

Pay Close Attention to Delicate Surfaces

Want to do your top-to-bottom cleaning right? Be careful about what you use to handle the little things.

From marble to chandelier glass, high-end materials demand specialized upkeep. For instance, there are many cleaning chemicals you should never use on wood. Even the relatively simple act of cleaning stone floors can benefit from a bit of finesse to avoid leaving damage in your wake.

Don’t get discouraged though! You can (and probably should) cut certain corners to make the work go faster. For instance, there are numerous ways to clean a chandelier without taking it down; you just need to ensure you have the right tools and a safe plan.

Clean What You Can’t See

Spring cleaning should go beyond what’s merely visible. It doesn’t need to penetrate to the depths of your soul and make you start asking big philosophical questions, but you’ll definitely benefit from putting some thought in.

For carpets and upholstery, nothing short of deep cleaning will do. Your textiles have spent the last year (or more!) collecting dander, hair, dust, and pollen. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, a thorough cleaning might do wonders.

For most people, hiring a deep cleaning service is usually the answer. It’s a lot quicker than trying to DIY the job, particularly if you’ve got a large luxury home.

Alternatively, you can do it alone. Some experts swear by homebrew remedies like vinegar-and-water solutions, and there are tons of kitchen-friendly carpet shampoo recipes to try from. Even if you lean towards an eco-friendly bohemian lifestyle, there’s no excuse for still having a dirty carpet by the time summer rolls around!

Exterior Maintenance Tips for Forward-thinking Luxury Homeowners

Building exteriors, commonly known as envelopes, are your first defense against the elements. They play a critical role in protecting not only you and the rest of your home. Tackling jobs like pressure washing and exterior cleaning won’t just improve how things look — you can also prevent damage, eliminate allergens, and even reduce long-term maintenance costs.

It may technically be the great outdoors, but everything on your property is connected. Disarray in one area can easily spread. Approach the problem holistically.

Make your life easier by establishing a clear zone around your home’s exterior. This gives you an extra buffer against moisture, wildlife, and debris buildup. Mulch beds, gravel, and other low-key additions are also great for setting your building apart from its surroundings in a tasteful way.

Get on a Landscaping Schedule

Are you the type of person who only tends to their greenery when the neighbors start complaining? Consider adopting a routine. Landscapers tend to produce better results after getting a feel for a property.

There’s nothing wrong with trying out a few services at first. Just remember the end goal. You want to build a relationship with a landscaper that appreciates your aesthetic sensibilities and accommodates your schedule.

Don’t Skip Your Pools, Patios, and Lounge Zones

Your party areas aren’t just for relaxation. Even if they were, you’d have an easier time getting into the mood if you didn’t have to navigate lawn debris, furniture, and your kids’ toys.

What should go into cleaning your patio, pool, or deck? Some tasks, like sweeping flagstones and scrubbing pool surfaces, are unavoidable parts of the homeowner routine and deserve spots in your seasonal schedule. Others, like resurfacing old pavers and replacing pool filters, only happen occasionally, but that’s even more reason to make a note in your calendar.

When cleaning materials like stone, it’s best to ask your builder for advice. They can recommend ideal products, brushes, tools, and even techniques. The idea is to save yourself effort and minimize the risk of damage.

Also, give due consideration to layout and design. For example, one simple trick that does wonders is moving your patio furniture away from high foot traffic areas. You may have to walk a few extra steps to chill out in style, but you’ll create a greater feeling of openness and reduce the tendency for clutter to build up. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your space with an arrangement that lets the breeze pass through.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

Property owners prize materials like stucco, slate, and natural wood for their longevity and aesthetic appeal. They’re not impervious to wear, however. Time can take its toll right under your nose.

Even if you decide not to clean a particular part of your exterior this year, you should give everything a thorough inspection. Walk the property seeking out telltale signs like landscape erosion, scrapes, etc.

These issues aren’t as much of a concern with higher-quality or new homes. Still, it’s important to give things a once-over no matter where you live. This is especially true after heavy wind, rain, snowstorms, and other natural events.

Remember all those walkthroughs you did before buying your home? Apply a similarly detailed level of scrutiny to your property now.

It’s way easier to deal with issues when you catch them early. You can also look forward to some well-earned peace of mind if nothing bad turns up.

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