Building your dream home is a beautiful, exciting time in your life, but it is also likely a stressful time as you hope everything will turn out exactly as you dreamed.

One of the biggest choices surrounding your dream home is, of course, your desired location. If you think about it, your home’s location could make or break your overall experience! There is a name for that: topophilia, or your emotional ties to a certain material environment. In other words, your topophilic ideal is important to consider for happiness in your future home.

Thankfully, with Turnberry Homes, you have the choice of either building your dream home in an established Turnberry community or on your own land. Turnberry has no problem with building our award-winning homes on your existing property or choice location. In fact, we build almost anywhere your heart desires in the greater Nashville area!

Here are four reasons to consider choosing Turnberry Homes, especially when it comes to building exactly where you want to live:

  1. Build On Your Lot Options
  2. Choose Your Lot & Customizations
  3. Enjoy A Shorter Wait Time, Financing Options
  4. Consult On-Staff Decorator

We take customer satisfaction very seriously at Turnberry Homes, and that includes your satisfaction with your home’s location. Contact us today about our build-on-your-lot options or Turnberry communities with available homes. 

Build On Your Lot Options

Whether you already own a lot, want us to tear down an existing home, or have a particular property in-mind for your build site, Turnberry Homes provides guidance and support every step of the way. Our highly-trained team of professionals has truly done it all!

Choose Your Lot & Customizations

By building on your own lot, you are not trading your land preference for our award-winning craftsmanship. You get the best of both! With Turnberry Homes’ build-on-your-lot options, you still have the flexibility to modify your floor plan and choose from a wide variety of interior and exterior finishes. Browse our gallery and prepare to be inspired!

Enjoy A Shorter Wait Time, Financing Options

If these reasons weren’t already awesome enough, another perk of choosing Turnberry Homes to build your semi-custom home is that your dream home will be finished in less time and at a fraction of a custom home’s price! You also can come into our office knowing exactly what you want to spend, and we will provide you with financing options (and a set price for a down payment) at the time of the contract.

Consult On-Staff Decorator

The icing on the cake at Turnberry Homes? As you see your home together, you don’t have to worry one bit about how to decorate it beautifully. You have access to Turnberry Homes’ full-time interior decorators! He or she will assist you in the selection process for interior and exterior fixtures of your home – from paint colors to brick, flooring, and everything in between! They are the final, magic ingredient for achieving the dream look you desire for your home.

Turnberry Homes is a luxury, high-end home builder in the Greater Nashville Area with more than 20 years of experience providing upscale, quality homes and communities to our buyers. We consider it an honor to build your dream home! Contact us today.