Did you know that homeowners reside in their home for an average of 13 years? More than a decade in your abode means thousands of meals shared, hundreds of hours spent hosting friends and family, and dozens of birthdays celebrated. 

If choosing your home’s builder lays the foundation for the memories you will make there, how in the world do you choose the right builder? 

Here are our recommendations for finding the builder that will leave you the most satisfied with your home – and for many years to come! 

  1. Experience Is Key
  2. What’s Your Budget?
  3. Do You Like Their Style?
  4. Location, Location, Location

At Turnberry Homes, we have been building luxury homes in Nashville for more than 30 years. Contact us today with any questions you have about building your dream home! 

Experience Is Key

A luxury home project is not for the rookie builder by any means! Unlocking the door to your dream home requires someone with years of experience. Builders who are well-established in the community ultimately leave a trail of satisfied customers behind them and accumulate a Rolodex of quality vendors they can call upon for future projects. 

From a logistical standpoint, entrusting your home to an experienced builder means a more efficient build timeline, without sacrificing quality craftsmanship, and access to those luxurious materials you’ve always wanted to incorporate in your home.   

What’s Your Budget? 

Speaking of luxury – “Luxury” does not have to mean unaffordable! For many people in today’s market, building is actually the best option financially. And, the right home builder will offer a range of floor plans and customization options that can be scaled to your budget. 

As the buyer, you simply have to determine what your budget is, and discuss your options with the contractor and interior design team. At Turnberry Homes, we work with our customers to build a home that fits their family’s needs and customize it with materials, finishes, and appliances that fit the budget. In fact, this is the beauty of semi-custom homes

Do You Like Their Style? 

This may seem like an obvious question, but have you done your research on the home builder’s past projects? While no luxury home builder should be put in a box, most have perfected and played with variations of a certain style – which is exactly what makes them the expert at what they do. 

But don’t just look at the builder’s portfolio! Take a tour of the model homes they have available for showing so you can see the quality of their work up-close. This way you can also meet the builder and interior designers, ask questions, and learn more about their approach. Besides, style is more than a finished product: It’s a process! 

Location, Location, Location

Where do you see yourself settling down, raising your family, or retiring? Do you prefer extra privacy over having neighbors next door? Would you rather be within city limits or in the countryside? Based on your preferences, you will want to find a home builder that has already acquired property in that area. 

This is why Turnberry Homes provides options in a variety of communities for customers who vary in their preferences! With us, you can choose more than your floor plan. Choose the neighborhood with the amenities, lot size, and surrounding community that you want to call home. In the Greater Nashville area, we build in bedroom communities like Brentwood, Cool Springs, Franklin, and Nolensville that are just a short drive to the city. 

Each Turnberry community features a fully decorated and staffed model home. Come see for yourself!